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Free and Open Source

Phosphene was founded on the principle that free and open software is social in a true sense. The great benefit and the responsibility of Open Source is the development and spread of literacy in a shared environment.

Given the wealth of knowledge and possibility, the demand for literacy and the ability to wield knowledge are even more important as the Open Source tools and the communities grow and improve.

Literacy in the broadest sense is fostered and maintained by openness, by standards, and by best practices. Literacy also provides an environment in which meaningful results are achievable.

Phosphene is in the business of achieving results, rapidly and reliably. We use a modification of what is known as agile process. In other words, we adhere to the principles of relevance. An idea or a proof of concept has to make real world and common sense, and a choice for development has to incorporate the wealth of tools and artifacts that have already been developed so that work can be done to achieve a new or meaningful use that makes a difference.

In the development world the wealth of already existing artifacts includes both tools, frameworks, algorithms and best practices.

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