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Phosphene is an Open Source research and consultancy enterprise that focuses on the expert and proper use of Open Source tools and frameworks to deliver reliability, scalability, and results.

Open Source

Open Source development offers unprecedented advantages and possibilities in terms of robustness, rapid development, cost of ownership, freedom, security, and reliablity. Open Source development also requires, even demands high standards of expertise and thoughtfulness. The mature Open Source and Free Software tools, frameworks, and environments have developed proven best practices and high standards that are as important to the development of applications and networks as the tools.

With open source expertise, a business need or a project can be addressed and developed in an environment or a tool that suits business needs, solves problems or proves concepts. Expertise and previous experience as well as high standards allow Phosphene to confidently choose tools and frameworks that are mature enough or have enough of a future to be solutions that will scale and extend.

Phosphene understands business and user needs. The ability to communicate and articulate and to understand problem domains and needs is as important as the ability to extend or customize a tool or framework. Phosphene and its members have an expert command of the English language; they have business and finance expertise; and they have excellent research skills and standards.

Our talents and skills allow us to collaboratively develop solutions reliably and with agility.

Phosphene Simulation
by Electric Sheep Server
The Phosphene Log

Phosphene is blogging at Phoslog.

Phosphene's public GitHub: Phosphene on GitHub.

The Phosphene Way

Phosphene was founded on the principal that free and open software is social in a true sense. The great benefit and the responsibility of Open Source is the development and spread of literacy in a shared environment.

Given the wealth of knowledge and possibility, the demand for literacy and the ability to wield knowledge are even more important as the Open Source tools and the communities grow and improve.

Literacy in the broadest sense is fostered and maintained by openness, by standards, and by best practices. (...continued)

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